SkydiveM 22:03
Goodnight lekke pipol
DEVINH 19:05
GoogleMuscle!H 19:03
devin change profile pic plz
SkydiveM 14:36
Same thing happens to me Dev.
DEVINH 14:35
Is it just me or is this site not very compatible for mobile? 9/10 times the 'My Center' button won't open when I press/hold it.
SkydiveM 13:32
because he Brexit
WhiteShadowA 09:55
Cuz hes a real mam
DEVINH 08:52
Why would you drink when you know you have importnant appointments the next day?
and I have 2 bloody appointments today
12 large tins of beer and my head hurts so bad I feel like I had 12 rounds with Mike Tyson
DEVINH 15th Aug
DEVINH 15th Aug
Jessicaaaaa ♡♡♡♡
Glamour 15th Aug
OnlyMambu 15th Aug
DD sry for it. but y..
SkydiveM 14th Aug
WhiteShadowA 14th Aug
WhiteShadowA 14th Aug
What an effort to create an account
ToeterAV 14th Aug
What a childish comment, I say No.
OnlyMambu 14th Aug
Hello guys, i wait now 5000 years, to join EURO. i am active always.
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