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JuppyyyA 22nd Jun
Evening lol
OnlyMambu 22nd Jun
Yo guyz
Tox1c1tyA 21st Jun
Congratz Tommy
TOMMYslav3A 21st Jun
what a gamee
Mafketel:)A 21st Jun
SkydiveM 21st Jun
Goodluck Lekker Stephano
WhiteShadowA 21st Jun
Tomorrow last exams
SkydiveM 20th Jun
SkillzM 20th Jun
rip X
JuppyyyA 20th Jun
Morning all.
SkydiveM 19th Jun
Problemen? Poar neemn!
WhiteShadowA 19th Jun
Cuz u were still in diapers Lars!
Tox1c1tyA 19th Jun
nah can't remember that
GonzyM 19th Jun
Too bad that czech republic dont have squad like we had in 2004. Remembering the day when we owned Netherlands in EURO 2004
WhiteShadowA 19th Jun
Agree. Mexico will win now.
ToeterAV 19th Jun
Pain 19th Jun
Sad this world cup without Holland and Italy
Pain 19th Jun
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