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SkillzA 13:41
Fine Steven what bout you ? , when will you get back active ^^
JuppyyyA 18th Nov
I agRee not been on for a few day's, but been really busy personal life etc, but i'm here now an not many other people are haha xD
What about getting active yourself you english wanker?
JuppyyyA 18th Nov
Wow, how dead is the forums, this needs sorting out come on guys!
Sh0tz 18th Nov
How’s it going guys?
SkillzA 17th Nov
Hey Steven!
Tox1c1tyA 17th Nov
Sup steven!
BaggeM 17th Nov
Sh0tz 17th Nov
miss you all man!
Sh0tz 17th Nov
sup guys
PapiINACTIVE 16th Nov
Omg nl wonagainst franceChampagne
BaggeM 16th Nov
yeah I got kicked from there aswell
maxiM 16th Nov
the fuck is with serva tonight...ffs
Snake 16th Nov
Lekker koekje
SkydiveM 14th Nov
lx is a saint
WhiteShadowA 13th Nov
Hi dodgie
Saint / Lx.A 13th Nov
oi Gio
DodgieAV 13th Nov
It has been a while since I’ve been here, Time to read some news hello guys.
GonzyM 12th Nov
yoo dannyboii welcome back bro
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Saint / Lx.A 29th Jun

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Happy birthday Benno!

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Tox1c1tyA 29th Jun

Joined: 25th Feb 2016
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happy birthday Wally!

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JuppyyyA 29th Jun

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Happy birthday!


Joined: 26th Feb 2016
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Fappy birthday!

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"What are you still doing there being a baked patato" (c) Justice
"I bet he lives under ramp mp_harbor" (c) Afrola

SkillzA 30th Jun

Joined: 23rd Aug 2016
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Happy (late) birthday

Signature Picture the same fuckin'.things over and over again....Expecting..shits to change...
That is insanaty (c) Vaas

WhiteShadowA 3rd Jul

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Happy birthday

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WalrusAV 10th Jul

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Thanks all!
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