SkillzA 18th Sep
SkydiveM 18th Sep
SkillzA 18th Sep
WhiteShadowA 18th Sep
DEVINH 18th Sep
GonzyM 17th Sep
Thank you my lekker hoer
ExplodeM 17th Sep
Removed you from inactive gonzy my lekkere alien
GonzyM 17th Sep
Wtf is dis
SkillzA 16th Sep
Nice spams
DEVINH 16th Sep
Good story, deliciously short also.
WhiteShadowA 16th Sep
WhiteShadowA 16th Sep
WhiteShadowA 16th Sep
WhiteShadowA 16th Sep
WhiteShadowA 16th Sep
WhiteShadowA 16th Sep
WhiteShadowA 16th Sep
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Time to say goodbye.
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Pain 10th May

Joined: 3rd Jan 2017
Rank: --
Posts: 288
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Hi guys,

With PAIN in my heart my andventure in cod1 is ended up.
I lost a lot of interest in the game and in the free time i moved to play on ps4.
Thanks for your friendship and for the matches together.
It was exciting to help keep the community alive and wear the EURO tag but now, unfortunately, my priorities have changed.
I wish to everyone good luck for their life.
Maybe we'll see each other again one day.
Greetings, I love you all.


Pain disconnected.

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DEVINH 10th May

Joined: 26th Feb 2016
Rank: Hall of Famer
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SkillzA 10th May

Joined: 23rd Aug 2016
Rank: Admin Trial
Posts: 1022
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Sad new , i didn't see it coming but that's sad
rip cod 1
hope to see you soon mate , and leave that ps4 it sucks !
cya mon ami

Signature Picture the same fuckin'.things over and over again....Expecting..shits to change...
That is insanaty (c) Vaas


Joined: 26th Feb 2016
Rank: Community Manager
Posts: 1524
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Always sad to see friends leave EURO. Thanks for all you help and hopefully we will see you now and then on TS or on forum

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"What are you still doing there being a baked patato" (c) Justice
"I bet he lives under ramp mp_harbor" (c) Afrola

ExplodeM 11th May

Joined: 26th Feb 2016
Rank: Community Manager
Posts: 209
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Thanks for everything you have done pain, i wish you the best and goodluck in the future, hope to see once in a while.

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Problemen? Poar neemn!

Saint / Lx.A 12th May

Joined: 5th Mar 2016
Rank: Community Admin
Posts: 820
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Vaffanculo stronzo, sad to see you go but understandable. Don't you play other games on pc??

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Kevin M 12th May

Joined: 25th Feb
Rank: Community Member
Posts: 61
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Take care Pain. Sad to see you go

'Still I Rise"

ParanoizeA 12th May

Joined: 16th Jan 2017
Rank: Community Admin
Posts: 242
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Sad to hear mate, but we will see you sometimes i guess!

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Suppressing fire! (c) Vic

TopazzzaM 13th May

Joined: 8th Jan
Rank: Community Member
Posts: 9
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Sad to see you gooooo! Goodluck in the future!
ToeterAV 15th May

Joined: 25th Feb 2016
Rank: Advisor
Posts: 2103
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Very sad to see this Riccardo. You are a very nice guy, thank you for all the effort you put in EURO, very much apreciated buddy! Hope to see you around!

since ive known you and played with you in game, you've been known as a cheater and hacker. personaly i think you can play that game blind folded and still have a 2 to 1 ratio (c) 2xS|Monk

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