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WhiteShadowA 23rd Feb
I am right now too
WhiteShadowA 23rd Feb
I was under influence when I wrote that as well
ROALTYA 23rd Feb
WhiteShadowA 23rd Feb
I believe I was under influence when I was writing that.
Ramis 22nd Feb
What is it?
WhiteShadowA 22nd Feb
I have a problem
Rexyzje 21st Feb
why most random games? you mean the best games!
DEVINH 21st Feb
Rexzy is playing the most random games!
WhiteShadowA 21st Feb
Nothing for me
Rexyzje 21st Feb
look it up... Super Nintendo game from 1993... Square Enix remaked it and came out a week ago.
WhiteShadowA 21st Feb
One Answer: No, I don't. :-)
Rexyzje 21st Feb
do you guys even know Secret of Mana?
Rexyzje 21st Feb
One Question: Are you guys going to play the Secret of Mana remake?
SkydiveM 20th Feb
going to bed...goodnight broes
KOudyM 20th Feb
JuppyyyA 20th Feb
PsyHo 19th Feb
ParanoizeA 19th Feb
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Syst3m 3rd Sep 2017

Joined: 3rd Sep 2017
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hello euro

i play a lot on your server and i like it, i want a server to. not many host cod1 still. can you give me link of your host? good pings
MartyrAV 3rd Sep 2017

Joined: 20th Jul 2013
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Im not sure if the host wants more customers as its a bit of a hobby.

Anyway I linked him this thread, so wait for his answer
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