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Smiley 10th Oct

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I didn't see a specific topic for games, but there's a newish game that came out called Ring of Elysium. Basically it's a pubg, that's free. It's made by the same company conglomerate, and it's pretty fun. If anyone's interested in playing let me know and I'll add you!  It's also a steam game if that helps. 
SkillzA 10th Oct

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I guess there is a specific kind of topic about where you can talk about new game etc , because if we all open topic about game we haven’t finished ^^
But never heard about it

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Carbon 10th Oct

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I don't actually think it's the same company, it's a chinese one that made PUBG available for mobiles and also I read somewhere they helped to launch Fortnite in China and they collaborate and invest a lot of money in moving more Activision, EA, Ubisoft etc. games in Asia and I thought this game Ring of Elysium is only available on Asian markets right now. Also being chinese you know these people are doing imitations to everything and this game isn't a exception: practically it's a legal copy of PUBG with a bit more stuff like apparently there's dynamic weather, snowy map, snowboarding, automatically gear attach and I saw that 4 people can actually win a match lol.

The best thing at this game is by far the region lock which PUBG doesn't have, it's funny the chinese came with a game and instant region lock it and PUBG players including myself are constant crying about making one for us so we don't have to deal with chinese, russians and turks all the freakin time

Overall PUBG is more realistic, Ring of Elysium is a PUBG clone based on a Final Fantasy anime arcade or smth, at least that's how I see it. PS: PUBG sucks! keep telling to myself I'm gonna quit the game but after 600h I'm still playing, has to do with the voice chat I think, I like talking to people in the game I guess

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Smiley 10th Oct

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You're probably right on the company. It's some large conglomerate that deals with a lot of technology stuff, and I think they had a hand in making PUBG. Ring of Elysium has American servers now, but also I can pick like which region I want to play for PUBG. Like I can play on the Asia server if I want. It's definitely not as good as PUBG, but it's a fun kind of spin off of it, which makes it entertaining.
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