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Mafketel:)M 23:18
Mortek 19:25
Hi Spectrum
Hi Jessica
JimmyMarkouM 16:31
Jessica there are other few people that are active and they still haven't given a shot for Admin. So I don't get your opinion on Skillz topic
SkillzM 15:53
Lekker Lars ^^
Hey guys, can anyone give me the map folger from euro SD? i cant download. the server put it off. to download smth.
Tox1c1tyA 23rd Jan
Don't forget those points where u where talking bullshit skillz
SkillzM 22nd Jan
SkillzM 22nd Jan
Hey Jessica I appreciate that , they donot blame not to have been a bad admin , just that I should have been quite on some points where I wasn’t .. that’s all no worries
Glamour 22nd Jan
Kenneth this newpost is bullshit! skillz is everday online on euro sd, Can't believe it that skillzz now member is!
Glamour 22nd Jan
And no skilzz you need you admin back again this is bullshit!
Glamour 22nd Jan
Oh my lekker hoer koudy
SkillzM 22nd Jan
Shoot fired by Milan !
Mafketel:)M 22nd Jan
RyoMilanM 22nd Jan
Barry nice scrim but practise is important.
KOudyM 22nd Jan
Ohh my lekker h*** Jess
SkillzM 22nd Jan
No worries Jessica
WhiteShadowA 22nd Jan
Read the newspost
Glamour 22nd Jan
Wot why skillz back to member?
hey guys
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Question time :o
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Shadow184 28th Jun 2018

Joined: 28th Jun 2018
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Hey Guys! 

Probably not the best place to ask but as I find no existence from them no more, and you guys are the only others still around I thought I'd ask! 

Was with Creative a few years back, and they seem to have disappeared! What happened to them? Any of those guys start a new place or come here?? 

Again sorry to ask here, but I know a lot of you guys used to play vs us often etc. 

TNZ 28th Jun 2018

Joined: 19th May 2016
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Creative died and a few of them formed separate clans if I'm correct. I think 1 of the clans is called RsG.
maxiM 28th Jun 2018

Joined: 26th Feb 2016
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Dexter still playing cod btw.Go say hi on euro sd
WhiteShadowA 28th Jun 2018

Joined: 11th Mar 2016
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Whaddup Shadow.
At the time you were playing from time to time again (2014or15) Creat!ve was still going strong.
But as the time passed, CoD was dying so Creat!ve's management created the Scrim Squad.
Players from the regular Public Squad felt they had a kind of disadvantage because the ones in the Scrim Squad were not obligated to play on the public server.

That lead to a separation and eventually CoD was dying even more and scrims weren't are real thing anymore.
Most of the people who were in the Scrim Squad just left. The hardest side of this is that those people were high commanded members of Creat!ve.
These include Recruitment Officers, Clan Managers and for a while a leader.

When they left they just passed their ranks and leadership to the person they liked to most and this is were everything went wrong.

See, if there is no such chemistry between a leader and his members, there won't be the respect both sides deserve. More catfights were going on inside the clan and next to that people were not motivated to work for the server at all anymore. Yet this was all they had to do.
Including me.
But please, that happened a while ago and is not relevant anymore.

Some people stayed together to keep on playing with the players they liked, others formed a new clan called Resurrection Gaming. You will notice some old trash managing that clan !

It's nice to see you are still interested though

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Shadow184 28th Jun 2018

Joined: 28th Jun 2018
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So is resurrection still going? Link to their forum?
SkillzM 28th Jun 2018

Joined: 23rd Aug 2016
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on steam Razer made a vcod community , you will find some remains players from creative
and btw dexter and efxtive still playing sometimes

Signature Picture the same fuckin'.things over and over again....Expecting..shits to change...
That is insanaty (c) Vaas

SkydiveM 28th Jun 2018

Joined: 21st Nov 2017
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Theres a lot of people from different clans, that still active on cod1...take a look around !

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2 guys in beep beep

Kevin M 7th Jul 2018

Joined: 25th Feb 2018
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Exactly what WhiteShadow just said

'Still I Rise"

Saint / Lx.A 7th Jul 2018

Joined: 5th Mar 2016
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The main reason of Creative falling apart was something totally else White

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WhiteShadowA 7th Jul 2018

Joined: 11th Mar 2016
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Yeah actually it was because I was there, my bad Saint Xxx

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Shadow184 8th Jul 2018

Joined: 28th Jun 2018
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QuoteThe main reason of Creative falling apart was something totally else White

Saint as in Alex?

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