AstarothA 26th May
Greeting speople
maxiM 26th May
Naah Jessica.Its summertime..Always the same Have a great summer all
Glamour 26th May
euro going be dead
Beeko 26th May
Yooo wahh
WhiteShadowA 25th May
Well Hiiiii guysss
GonzyM 25th May
JuppyyyA 25th May
It's never been this dead whats going on come on guys!!
SkillzM 25th May
Dead forum yo
ParanoizeA 24th May
JuppyyyA 24th May
Get yo ass back fool!
Inactive leader here
sup y' all
JuppyyyA 24th May
People acutally online?! I'm shocked!! lol
KOudyM 24th May
Yo lads
JuppyyyA 23rd May
Kevin T 23rd May
Jo guys, whatsup?
SkillzM 21st May
GonzyM 21st May
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Happy Birthday Akim
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ToeterAV 18th May 2017

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Happy Birthday Akim, i'm sure you will have a great night.

since ive known you and played with you in game, you've been known as a cheater and hacker. personaly i think you can play that game blind folded and still have a 2 to 1 ratio (c) 2xS|Monk

H0la!A 18th May 2017

Joined: 26th Aug 2016
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About time there was a post

H0la! / Akimbo! / Avr!l

DEVINH 18th May 2017

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Happy birthday kutbelg!

MartyrAV 18th May 2017

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Congratz Akimbo the Turk
SkillzM 18th May 2017

Joined: 23rd Aug 2016
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happy birthday

Signature Picture the same fuckin'.things over and over again....Expecting..shits to change...
That is insanaty (c) Vaas

SPECTRUMM 19th May 2017

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Fappy Birthday met

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"What are you still doing there being a baked patato" (c) Justice
"I bet he lives under ramp mp_harbor" (c) Afrola

SaintA 19th May 2017

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KOudyM 20th May 2017

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Happy BBBBBBBday
Chad Warden (Banned) 21st May 2017

Joined: 6th Mar 2016
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Alisher Usmanov in
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