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Mafketel:)M 23:18
Mortek 19:25
Hi Spectrum
Hi Jessica
JimmyMarkouM 16:31
Jessica there are other few people that are active and they still haven't given a shot for Admin. So I don't get your opinion on Skillz topic
SkillzM 15:53
Lekker Lars ^^
Hey guys, can anyone give me the map folger from euro SD? i cant download. the server put it off. to download smth.
Tox1c1tyA 23rd Jan
Don't forget those points where u where talking bullshit skillz
SkillzM 22nd Jan
SkillzM 22nd Jan
Hey Jessica I appreciate that , they donot blame not to have been a bad admin , just that I should have been quite on some points where I wasn’t .. that’s all no worries
Glamour 22nd Jan
Kenneth this newpost is bullshit! skillz is everday online on euro sd, Can't believe it that skillzz now member is!
Glamour 22nd Jan
And no skilzz you need you admin back again this is bullshit!
Glamour 22nd Jan
Oh my lekker hoer koudy
SkillzM 22nd Jan
Shoot fired by Milan !
Mafketel:)M 22nd Jan
RyoMilanM 22nd Jan
Barry nice scrim but practise is important.
KOudyM 22nd Jan
Ohh my lekker h*** Jess
SkillzM 22nd Jan
No worries Jessica
WhiteShadowA 22nd Jan
Read the newspost
Glamour 22nd Jan
Wot why skillz back to member?
hey guys
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Game Development (Indie)?
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CrazyCoder 19th Jun 2018

Joined: 30th Aug 2016
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Anyone mulling the possibility of making their own indie games or have done so before?

Old CoD series Modding has died out (no new stuff in a while).

Heard good things about Source, Unity, Unreal, and CryEngine. But as a lone dev I think building an FPS from the coding side might be too hard for me.

I'd heard Source Engine and Unreal legally allow you to split game mods off into own games. Activison has partial ownership of all CoD series mods and don't allow splitting off lets say CoD1 Revolt Mod into own game ect.

Kinda want to make a game of my own. Not locked into partial ownership with Activison and can do whatever with my game (within reason).


SkillzM 19th Jun 2018

Joined: 23rd Aug 2016
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It's too hard for me

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That is insanaty (c) Vaas

SkydiveM 19th Jun 2018

Joined: 21st Nov 2017
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If there's a profit, i would like to take part of it...if not, gg, goodluck and u got my support. !

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