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Lies! You're supposed to play again next month!
Last workday, then free till next tuesday!
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Hi noobs
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Halal jessica
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Hahahah :$
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watafuk jessica on website
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Omgoat Devin
Glamour 24th Apr
Morning Spectrum
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SkydiveM 23rd Apr
is normal that i watched The Fast and the Furious and i cry like a baby ? 2 many emotions.
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WhiteShadowA 23rd Apr
#FreeDevin s/o to u broer
WhiteShadowA 23rd Apr
Hey Devin
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Ey Glamour
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Eyyy lekker Jessica
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Hi Everyone
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Such beautiful website
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Gentoo 3rd Jan

Joined: 22nd Aug 2016
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Posts: 11
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Hi guys,

I made an automatic PAK3 installer a while ago, since the EURO servers has custom maps/mods I made one for EURO.

What does it do?
It automatically detects your Call of Duty installation folder, if it is unable to detect, you can specify the folder. When you press the Install button, all required  PK3 files by the EURO servers are written into your main folder. This tool is especially for people who have no knowledge in manually install a PK3 file or for people who are lazy

Download URL:

Note: i made this tool in my spare time, it may contain bugs.

Since this tool is made to be customized, i can add more maps/pk3 files on the road. You can also use this PK3 installer to create an installer for your own PK3s.
WhiteShadowA 3rd Jan

Joined: 11th Mar 2016
Rank: Community Admin
Posts: 451
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I only want to point out that this is not verified, is it?

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Gentoo 8th Jan

Joined: 22nd Aug 2016
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Posts: 11
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What do you mean with not verified?
FlashyAV 8th Jan

Joined: 26th Apr 2015
Rank: Advisor
Posts: 220
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He means that none has been able to look at this program to make sure it doesn't contain malware like virusses or coinminers.

I can add to this that gentoo is our serverhost so this could give some trust to the 'program'

I also downloaded it and it didn't look that malicious but I cannot confirm fully. Use on own risk i'd say

ToeterAV 9th Jan

Joined: 25th Feb 2016
Rank: Advisor
Posts: 2058
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Not quite sure why this wasn't communicated with the (server) managers but yeah like Flashy said, Gentoo is the server host. Use it at your own risk.

since ive known you and played with you in game, you've been known as a cheater and hacker. personaly i think you can play that game blind folded and still have a 2 to 1 ratio (c) 2xS|Monk

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