GonzyM 08:21
Yes, Rexy i know. But that was worn by waffen ss on m32 uniform which was used in parades, guards, officers etc. They never wore it in actuall combat lol
DEVINH 03:55
WhiteShadow 23:06
How are y'all tonight?
Rexyzje 19th Jan
you mean that red band on the left arm? well thats where the germans wore the "nazi"-Symbol.
JuppyyyA 19th Jan
Cod wwii is a sick game shut up xD#
GonzyM 19th Jan
plus i saw a trailer now of battalion and why the fock all germans has a red armpit on shoulder? LOL
GonzyM 19th Jan
but cod ww2 sucks, Ricardo..
Pain A 19th Jan
Battalion looks like a copy of cod ww2 but worse graphically
DEVINH 19th Jan
Yooooooooooo whos ready to play some Battalion Beta tonite?
Radar that!
DEVINH 19th Jan
Ill come back when you guysbare finally some competition for me!
TNZ 19th Jan
Ye devin install cod again.
ROALTYA 19th Jan
Yo devin when is ur comeback?
SkydiveT 19th Jan
Devin is that type of guy that you hate him and love him at the same time, ey lekker koekje
Who's Devin?
DEVINH 18th Jan
Make sure your eyes are open!
SkydiveT 18th Jan
Its hard to see this devin...
DEVINH 18th Jan
Spectrum admin abuse
DEVINH 18th Jan
Hi Jnp91
DEVINH 18th Jan
Who is guido
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A new wall of text, SD server and roster updates
5th Jan · FlashyM · 19 Comments

Hi peeps

Flashy is here to bring you all the latest goodies. Not only roster changes today, also some changes to the mapvote on the server.

Look inside for all the info

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
22nd Dec 2017 · ToeterM · 20 Comments

Just a few days away from Christmas.. 

So on behalf of EURO I wanna wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!! 
Enjoy your holidays folks and hopefully we'll see you back in 2018!


Roster update!
12th Dec 2017 · KOudyM · recruitment · 15 Comments

Christmas coming and roster update also!

Read more inside

Roster update, new maps and re-open recruitment!
21st Nov 2017 · KOudyM · 6 Comments

Hey guys!

Little roster update, new maps and re-open recruitment!

Read more inside.

Roster update!
7th Nov 2017 · KOudyM · recruitment · 15 Comments

New map German Town on server and roster update!

*** UPDATED 2017-11-7 18:00 ***

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